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HomeVideodrome / An Announcement

This week’s edition of HomeVideodrome is now available over at Parcbench and Big Hollywood.  This week, we ask Conan what is best in life, muse on whether or not Lane Myer was better off dead, and highlight other noteworthy releases for the week. 

I’d also like to take this time to announce a brand new weekly feature for Parcbench and Big Hollywood that’ll be going up this Thursday, which is a streaming edition of HomeVideodrome (I’m trying to come up with a snazzy title, suggestions are welcome).  Since streaming movies to your television is the future of watching movies at home, we gotta keep up with the times.  As of now, I plan on covering the releases being put out weekly by NetFlix, Hulu Plus, and  I welcome any thoughts and suggestions you might have, and I look forward to sharing it with you all every week.

CORRECTION: An astute reader pointed out to me that I made an error in this week’s column when I said the Gamera films were produced by Toho.  They were actually produced by Daiei, not Toho.  Whenever I think of Japanese kaiju films, Toho is always the studio that leaps to mind, so I said Toho without thinking.  D’oh!


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