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Monday Mosh / The Misfits / “Dark Shadows”

  • Artist: The Misfits
  • Song: “Dark Shadows”
  • Album: Devil’s Rain
  • Genre: Horror punk

The new Misfits album is a generic turd, an exercise in mediocrity.  This is one of the few tracks I kind of enjoy off of it, but the album as a whole is for completists only who haven’t completely abandoned the group yet.  Just go listen to Danzig’s latest album again instead, because it’s actually really good.  Head on over to Parcbench to read my review of the record, as well as my final thoughts on Lou Reed & Metallica’s Lulu.


3 responses to “Monday Mosh / The Misfits / “Dark Shadows”

  1. Queen Wasp ⋅

    Yea, they need to call it a day. Famous Monsters is cool but every release since Earth A.D. apart from that has been formulaic trash.
    Shame, but at least Jerry got a chance to make some money. He’s a really swell fella.

    • Yeah, I have nothing against Jerry looking to make some cash, he’s certainly put in the hours, and he’s had to put up with Glenn Danzig so that deserves sumthin. But this album is truly bad, no real vision, just old ideas recycled again.

  2. My father was a wolf ⋅

    Absolutely agree; even that song with the contrived “oh-whoa-uh-whoa” opening is just too much. Harking back to Misfits glory days only gets you so far, and besides, Danzig only managed to get away with that vocal style and lyrical content for a reason. ie; he sounded like Jim Morrison/Elvis!

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