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Review / “The River Why”

My review of The River Why, now available on Blu-ray and DVD, has been published over at Parcbench.  An excerpt:

The River Why is one of those rare films about fishing, an activity that seldom gets dwelled upon in movies.  Mostly, it’s a film about the relationship between man and nature, a subject that has been explored by many different artists with many different takes on it.  The River Why is a movie that does a couple of things well.  Like most movies that take place in nature’s kingdom, the cinematography is lovely, courtesy of Karsten Gopinath.  Given that it deals with fishing, it also captures a few moments in a way that seasoned fly-fisherman can relate to, such as unwanted encounters with less-experienced fisherman who inadvertently ruin a local spot by plunking in with their amateur rods and reels.  This is roughly all the good stuff The River Why has to offer.

Head on over to Parcbench to read the rest!


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