HomeVideodrome: Fright Night

Apologies about the absence, gotta play catch up.

This week’s HomeVideodrome is up at Parcbench and Big Hollywood.  You can also listen to the podcast over at The Film Thugs.  This week we spotlight Fright Night, a good remake that will hopefully find the audience it deserves on video.

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Daily Movie / Fright Night

Tonight I’m going to a screening of the new 3D remake of Fright Night.  The original was a fun eighties horror romp that paid loving tribute to the horror hosts of television, while being its own eighties suburban take on the gothic vampire movie.  Directed by Tom Holland (who needs to start making movies again) starred Chris Sarandon as the head bloodsucker, while the great Roddy McDowall plays the horror host the main characters seek out in order to help slay the neighborhood nosferatu.  It’s like a spin on the films from the Hammer Studio with a bit of Rear Window as filtered through Joe Dante’s The ‘burbs, and it features some of the best prosthetic effects this side of American Werewolf in London.

Given that horror hosts are mostly a thing of the past, I wonder how that element is going to play in the remake.  Expect a full review of the new film tomorrow.