Review / “Melancholia”

My review of Lars Von Trier’s haunting film Melancholia is now available over at Parcbench.  An excerpt:

Melancholia is a film that lives up to its title, as Lars Von Trier’s latest film perfectly captures the state of someone with a hopelessly depressive worldview.  It would make an interesting double-bill with Terrence Malick’s Tree of Life, in that while Malick’s film celebrates the beauty that life itself has to offer, Melancholia‘s tone imbues the audience with a feeling of what it’s like to see life as an ultimately futile experience.  It’s like the teenage son who utters “What’s the point?” with disdain when his mother asks him to just get out of bed already by noon.  This sort of angst seems obnoxious to those who aren’t depressed, but it doesn’t mean those feelings aren’t somehow genuine.

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