Review / “Hugo”

My review of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is now available over at Parcbench.  An excerpt:

“Though Martin Scorsese’s Hugo has been marketed as a “family film,” I can assure you that only the young ones who have taken a shine to cinema will really get something out of it.  Yet some critics seem to be reviewing Hugo based on what it’s marketed as, versus what it actually is.  What Hugo isn’t, is a homogenized romp that is “fun for the whole family,” as the marketing would have you believe.  What it actually is, is a family-friendly celebration of the human touch that made the silent-era of cinema so special, and indeed makes a great deal of art so charming.  Aesthetically, Hugo is a very modern film, making liberal use of CGI and 3D effects, yet it uses today’s technology to create a magical lens through with it looks back fondly on a time when a special effect was created by the simple act splicing two frames together with glue.”

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